Knowledge of Self

On May 1, 2018, in Red Hot Radio, by Wide View Publishing

gabriel-barletta-87524BY YAKIRA LEVI |
Knowledge of self is to know yourself. To know who you are, what you are, and to be conscious of your capabilities. Being aware allows for creatively achieving your full potential. Knowledge starts with the mind. What you put into your mind is important, because what you receive mentally is what you will manifest or create in the physical aspect of your daily life.

The human mind is like a computer. The information you put into your mind is like the programs you install on your computer’s hard drive. The programs you install determines the type of data you can create. If all you have installed is Microsoft Word, you will only be able to create Microsoft Word documents. You can’t create PowerPoint presentations without installing Microsoft PowerPoint. Now use that example as a reference to what you put into your mind. If you install sex, drugs, money and disrespect for women on your mental hard-drive, you will download sex, drugs, money and disrespect for women – from your mind. And this is what you will create and present to the world as music.

We have seen how music and media can influence the mentality of a generation or group of people. So we must look into ourselves and learn who we are without the suggestions of outside influences. We must then learn our history, and I’m not talking about slavery and genocide; I’m talking about victory, success, abilities, spirituality, the essence of who we are as a people, and as individuals. First, define yourself as an individual. Next, install the programs that you choose to install on your mental hard drive. Then, set out to manifest your full potential. Beware, the choices you make in life define your destiny.

Remember this – each and every one of you are a part of the whole or the primal force, you have the power of creation or destruction through your will. Everything you do starts in the mind. Stay focused, protect your mental hard drive by keeping garbage and negative persuasion out; and remember to express yourself creatively, but with a sense of responsibility to yourself, and the hip-hop community. May the light of good empower you to be strong, encourage you to enhance your knowledge of self, and assist you in success. And so it is!

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