Tamarie T. and The Elektra Kumpany

On April 25, 2019, in Red Hot Radio, by Wide View Publishing


Tamarie T. and The Elektra Kumpany | Photo by Rick Majewski

Photo by Rick Majewski



What do you get when you take a combination of Bootsy Collin’s sense of fashion, James Brown’s energy and dance moves, Jimmy Hendrick’s inner artistry, the reincarnation of Prince’s creativity, and Stevie wonder’s lyrical messages, and kneed all that essence into one group of millennial performers? You get Tamarie T. and The Elektra Kumpany. A dynamic rising band on the Chicago-land music performance scene.

Imagine yourself taking a destination trip into the oppressed parts of your own mind. Visualize the band [Tamarie T. and The Elektra Kumpany] as a key, derived of paint, color, art, sound, and dance. Now use that key to unlock your mind and set yourself free. That describes the [Tamarie T. and The Elektra Kumpany] experience. The live show is a dance party, a fashion show, a carnival and an awakening of the inner spirit of creativity. No matter which route you travel, Tamarie T. and The Elektra Kumpany will take you on a ride that leaves you wanting more!

I recently witnessed a [Tamarie T. and The Elektra Kumpany] concert at a club called the Hideout in Chicago. The sound of seven instruments and four voices playing in harmony vibrated through every cell of my body, recharging me with life. The after effect was almost like being cleansed with burning sage. Two screaming guitars, a bass guitar, an electrifying drummer on the drum set, double keys, sax, and the conga percussion section seemed to work together in clearing the stress and dark thought energy from the days and weeks before the show. The music was perfectly complimented with background singers, dancers, and a naked girl with painted nipples. The lead singer was talented, energetic and unafraid to shine with the brightest of stars.

Tamarie T. and The Elektra Kumpany is the sound of hybrid freedom, culturally infused with funk, rock, retro-pop, underground soul and feel good music that makes you dance! An incredible band, definitely one to follow! Only good things can come from a recipe like this.

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