Book Review BY YAKIRA LEVI |

The best-selling book Murder to Excellence: Growth and Development for the Millennial Generation is an autobiography of Wallace “Gator” Bradley, Urban Translator; the well known gang mediator, politician and ambassador of Peace for United In Peace, Inc; but this book reveals so much more than your typical autobiographical story. The forward is written by philosopher Dr. Cornel West. Blurbs are from the critically acclaimed Grammy award winning recording artist Lupe Fiasco, Grammy award winning songwriter and politician Rhymefest, the great Reverend Al Sharpton, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, former Executive Director of the N.A.A.C.P. This book also includes over 20 tributes, contributed by viable grassroots leaders from around the country, who all sing the praises of how Mr. Wallace “Gator” Bradley has helped them, enlightened them, or aided in their mission. Murder to Excellence: Growth and Development for the Millennial Generation further validates and accredits Wallace “Gator” Bradley’s works as a man, as a politician, as a civil-rights activist, and as a peace keeper.

Written and self-published by Wallace “Gator” Bradley and Safiya D. Hoskins, Ph.D., the book moves the reader through real accounts of “Gator’s” life story – from prison to politics; while leading one to envision himself in the position to grow and develop past his current means, and into a new state of mind that empowers the self to accomplish things like: removing the shackles of mental slavery, creating positive social change in one’s own community, voting, and helping those with similar political agendas get into public office. With this book, Wallace “Gator” Bradley shows people that they can change policy and laws – through politics.

Despite all that he has accomplished locally, nationally, and Internationally, Wallace “Gator” Bradley’s book present’s him as a humble man, supported by the people he serves. Murder to Excellence: Growth and Development for the Millennial Generation gives acknowledgements and honorable mentions to “Gator’s” family, colleagues and mentors, including Mr. Larry Hoover, founder of the Gangster Disciple Nation (now modified into a movement of Growth and Development removed from gang-banging). The book also includes “21 from the [G.D.] Blueprint” By Rod Emery.

I read this book in two sittings. The political stories had me on edge. It’s amazing how Wallace “Gator” Bradley seamlessly transitions between stories of a gang-banger, to visits to the White House to meet in the Oval office with (then President) Bill Clinton. His book has reminded me that a person supported by the right people, who share the same agenda, can move mountains; but only if willing to do the work. “Gator” truly does the work! In the book, Wallace “Gator” Bradley speaks all about the occupations of both his mother and father, and how his parents affected his decisions in life. He also speaks about being a “Peace Enforcer” under the direction of Mr. Larry Hoover.

The book contains some typos that can be overlooked, due to the heart and nature of the story at hand; but overall, Murder to Excellence: Growth and Development for the Millennial Generation is a great read! I would recommend this book to the hip-hop generation, to people who are interested in politics, to urban people who have given up on the political voting system, and to people of poverty who are seeking ways to ascend to excellence.


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