Yakira Levi

Yakira has entertained thousands with vocal and percussion performances as a singer/songwriter. She plays percussion instruments including shakare, bongos, conga and the entire djembe orchestra (West African drums). Yakira is a producer, composer and audio engineer that lovingly weaves together her craft of creating music, with her desire for DJing and her passion for Midi and digital recording; to create music and radio programming for the world wide community to enjoy.

Formally trained in radio communications at the college level, She has past and presently done entertainment news, college radio, and was an on air personality at CHRIS Radio in the 1990’s. “Radio is my calling”! She states. “I have a passion for this field, and that passion is more alive now, than ever before”. She is the founder and leading on-air personality at RedHotRadio.FM, A variety Internet radio station.

Yakira Levi has a B.A. Degree in Arts Entertainment and Media Management, from Columbia College Chicago. She received voice instruction at the Community Academy, College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University; she studied jazz vocals and music theory at The Old Town School of Folk Music and Columbia College Chicago where she also learned midi composition and digital Recording.

Yakira Levi has served her community as a licensed educator, workshop facilitator, author and publisher of books and music, Founder and Executive Director of CORE Music Foundation (Nonprofit) and President of C.O.R.E., Inc. Doing business as Wide View Publishing. She is an active singer-songwriter, producer, poet, and Internet radio station personality/producer/engineer/manager/owner.


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