Joe Blacula

The winds of change are blowing like an intense hurricane, and you can’t avoid the gusts of wrath. Radio in it’s current format, like it or not is dying a slow but steady death. Howard Stern proved in 2006 that Internet radio is the sound of true audio revolution, and each hour the sound becomes that much harder to ignore.

Born from those seeds of change comes Joe Blacula and his contribution to Internet radio with “Chicago Audio”. A pillar in the Chicago rap music scene since the mid nineties, Joe Blacula promises to bring you 120 minutes of pure, uncut, relentless, unforgiving Chicago music. “They wouldn’t let me enter in the building so I built my own!!” says a humble but confident JB.

Be sure to tune in & be a part of internet history which Joe Blacula refers to as “Audio Anarchy”. You can’t ignore it forever because Resistance is futile!! Chicago Audio – it’s about quality, it’s about Chicago, it’s about time!!


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