African Liberation Day Call To Action 2019

On May 25, 2019, in Red Hot Radio, by Wide View Publishing


Chicago, Illinois – Africa and African people are dominated, oppressed and exploited by foreign interest, the richest continent on the planet is stripped of its natural resources, the people are colonized and power is seized –precisely the narrative that Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, 1st president of Ghana, and members of the All-African Peoples’ Revolutionary Party, aim to change.

Chavunduka Sevanhu

The African Liberation Day Celebration in Chicago organized by the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party and co-sponsored by Chicago State University’s African American Studies program, shared the common theme of all 2019 African Liberation Day commemorations around the globe: “Revolutionary Pan-Africanism calls us to unite and forge a definitive struggle against neo-colonialism: Forward to one unified socialist Africa.” The struggle continues beyond the 25th day of the 5th month. Pan-African people must strive for freedom every day of the year until all of Africa is liberated.

This year’s focus on neo-colonialism was simple once summed up by the Chicago event’s keynote speaker Mark Fancher, “everybody our color ain’t our kind,” said Fancher. “Neo-colonialism stands as our great obstacle to the destruction of imperialism, it is the final stage of it. We are trying to achieve pan-Africanism, one united socialist Africa… [even when it does not appear that Africa is being controlled and exploited by foreign forces, it is] —because the people who have been set up, the people who have been standing as puppets and lackeys of imperialism are running Africa on behalf of people who do not look like us.” Stated Mark Fancher.

The African Liberation Day 2019 celebration at Chicago State University was presented as a conference with vendors, refreshments, a host of guest speakers, break-out sessions and performances. Dr. Kim Dulaney, of the University’s African American Studies program, gave the welcome address. The American Indian movement [Indiana chapter] was represented by Carolina Castorena. Kim Joof, of the Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party (PRSP) discussed African Women on the Frontline. Michael Ridley, of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-APRP) discussed building independent African media for controlling our narrative. Abena Bediako and Chimurenga Asante delivered the International news report.

A very special African news update was shared by Mihreteab Gebre-hiiwet, from the National Council of Eritrean Americans [Chicago]. The Master of Ceremonies, Zizwe Tchiguka, and the keynote speaker Mark Fancher were both members who represented the All African Peoples’ Revolutionary Party, very well. There were two break-out sessions that were held at the same time. One was on Parliamentary or Participatory democracy, and the second, more popular session was a panel discussion on managing the mineral wealth of Africa.

The three panelists who discussed managing the mineral wealth of Africa, Adeyemi Joashan McCain, Kwabena Rasuli, and Diallo Kenyatta, all made points that reinforced the Keynote speaker’s address. Adeyemi McCain’s statements include his experience as an eye witness to droves of trucks taking resources out of Africa. “Africa is not poor, it’s being looted,” said  Adeyemi.

“Africa is the richest continent on the planet but wherever you see us we are the poorest.” Said Kwabena Rasuli, “from Dakar [Senegal, West Africa] to Detroit [Midwest, U.S.A], from Chicago [Midwest, U.S.A.] to the Congo [Central, West Africa] we are the poorest.” He also quoted Dr. Kwame Nkrumah when he said: “Every paved road in Africa leads to some port!” Rasuli shared several important quotes, but the one that resonated universally was the African proverb that reads: “It is a fool whose own tomatoes are sold to him.”

Diallo Kenyatta brought the panel discussion full circle when he talked about rescuing Africa’s resources, before being in the position to manage them. “Before you can talk about resources, you have to talk about a people’s capacity and will to engage in warfare,” Diallo said, Guerilla warfare, asymmetrical warfare and then modern standard warfare… “You don’t get to manage resources if you don’t have power…” We [as a people] need a unifying ideology that we’re willing to put material weight behind, and demonstrate physical outcomes for that material work.”

The panel discussion ended with questions and answers. The audience appeared pleased with the conference, as participants were urged to wrap it up a few times before the actual discussion ended. Kwesi Brown of the A-APRP closed out the event with a short summary of some of the key points of the day. The African Liberation Day conference at Chicago State University addressed an enthusiastic crowd of elders, college students, and middle age adults all in agreement for pan-Africanism.

The final call to action was for your response to join the movement! Everyone was urged to join the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party. For those who do not want to join A-APRP, the request is to join an organization that is genuinely working for the good of the people.

For more information on joining the All-African People’s revolutionary Party, click here:

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