“Boost Da Mic” A Performance Series Hit

On January 31, 2019, in Red Hot Radio, by Wide View Publishing


Boost Mobil by Motorola started the new year with the last two sessions of a four-store open mic series. “Boost Da Mic” is a cell phone marketing campaign that showcased local talent from Markham and Chicago, Illinois. Selected Boost Mobil stores were crammed with poets, rappers/MCs, and singers, as performer gave the audience a boost of heat, this windy city winter.

Heather Ruiz, marketing manager at boost mobile had the idea for the event through a dream. It started as a poetry set, but her vision evolved into the presented version of “Boost Da Mic” after collaborating with #247HH and Host, MoonDog. “Boost Da Mic” developed into something better than I envisioned, stated Heather. Participants were required to register online in advance and choose their performance track from pre-selected original music created by Chicago Music Producer, Rasheed Hadid. Each performer was allocated two minutes of stage time and the opportunity to state their social media information. The sound of a bomb explosion cued the end of each performer’s time.

Chicagoland is filled with talented performers, and all performance levels were represented at “Boost Da Mic”. The emerging artist who couldn’t remember their lyrics, seasoned artist with perfect performances and artistic performers with stage presence and props. The best part of the event was talented people coming together to share creative energy. The event was peaceful and most performers left with parting gifts and raffle prizes. Check out the RedHotRadio.FM playlist of 25 videos. Camera, production, and editing by Yakira Levi.


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