Busy Signal Tour, Chicago Finale

On November 19, 2019, in Red Hot Radio, by Wide View Publishing
Busy Signal


Chicago, IL – Anxious fans await a fiery performance from reggae artist Busy Signal scheduled to perform at the International Festival of Life – right before it’s time for the singer to hit the stage, Ephraim Martin of Martin International regretfully informs fans that due to flight cancelation and delays, Busy Signal is stuck in Bermuda and would not be available to perform. Mr. Martin went on to say that Busy Signal would later perform at the Jerk, Seafood, Vegan festival. Ephraim Martin and Busy Signal made good on that promise – faithful fans were pleased.

Ephraim Martin and his company Martin International are synonymously known for promoting festivals and award shows like the International Festival of Life (IFOL) and the Chicago Music Awards (CMA). The company has recently added the Jerk, Seafood, Vegan festival (JSVFest) to their roster of events- for which Busy Signal attended and gave a well-received performance in Chicago. 

Just as Ephraim Martin bravely faced a crowd of disappointed fans to announce when Busy Signal could not perform, Mr. Martin was also celebrated by the audience when he proudly faced the same fans to announce that Busy Signal was about to take the stage. This video provides pieces of the show just in case you missed it. I most appreciated the roots-rock style of providing uplifting messages and love-songs Busy Signal remade in true dancehall fashion.

According to Martin International’s invitation to the press to meet Busy signal at The Wild Hare Reggae Music Club in Chicago, Busy Signal is a leading figure in the reggae dancehall movement with successful collaborations with musical legends, No Doubt, Stephen Marley and Third World. After a major world tour, entitled the Busy Volcano Tour hailing crowds in South America, Europe, and the Caribbean, Busy Signal closed out his major world tour in Chicago, at the JSVFest.

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