Dr. Wilbur Rimes Talks Healing

On January 19, 2020, in Red Hot Radio, by Wide View Publishing

Yakira Levi and Dr. Wilbur Rimes, Dr. of Oriental Medicine talk about helping people heal using natural medicine and eastern healing techniques like acupuncture, Dit Da Jow, Homeopathic remedies and Qi Gong. Yakira Levi also discusses a personal diagnosis and reads testimonials from longtime students Hammond Scott and Yeeskah Radcliffe.


“… I have an enlightening testimonial regarding his expertise which showed when I was trapped in the stairwell of the Cook County Administration Building, during the fire in 2001, which killed six people: I was the first County employee who emerged into the stairwell, to escape the fire from the upper floors ( 29th floor) and in my attempt to descend from this height, I had more exposure to the smoke, than virtually anyone in this frightening predicament. I walked down fifteen flights of stairs and was told by the firemen fighting the fire that I had to walk back up and try to find a open door. I finally found a unlocked door around the thirtieth floor. I waited for other firemen to open up another stairwell for descent . My roommate was waiting for me in my car on the sidewalk and as people such as Vernita Gray said, my body was smoking like a barbecue pit. My roommate tried to take me to Northwestern Hospital, but when I tried to enter emergency I had a slight panic attack. I told her to drive me to Dr. Wilbur Rimes, which she did. When I arrived, he immediately gave me acupuncture to the lung points and I started coughing up black soot. He prescribed homeopathic sulfur which I took for a few months, along with weekly acupuncture treatments to my lungs, for a few months and my recovery from this disaster was complete, as opposed to the other victims of the, fire who had to remain on allopathic medicines for some years. Dr. Rimes has been the major factor in keeping me alive. If I follow his prescripts to the letter, I will have a long healthy life.”

– Leslie Ifaremilekun Page-Piper

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