Mary Datcher & Friends Promote Chicago Endeavors

On October 24, 2019, in Red Hot Radio, by Wide View Publishing


Mary Datcher and friends promote Chicago endeavors, including her new publication, Bronzeville Life Newspaper; and music business Mogul, Debra Antney brings attention to corrupt music business practices presented in the Chicago based Netflix film, Beats. Debra also discusses trauma, poverty suffrage, and mental illness spawned from violence. Audio recorded and Edited by Yakira Levi for RedHotRadio.FM

The Netflix film Beats was filmed and based in Chicago. The emerging Chicago-Bronzeville teen actor Khalil Everage, co-stars with the famous Actor, Anthony Anderson. The Beats film highlights the life of a talented but severely traumatized teen residing in Chicago’s Roseland community, who uses music to overcome mental illness as he aspires to get getting what was left of his family, out of Roseland and into a better life of safety and stability.

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