The Great Chicago Fire Remastered Definite Vacation For Suckas

On March 18, 2016, in Red Hot Radio, by Wide View Publishing


Record Review BY YAKIRA LEVI |

They hail from Chicago’s South Side, the D.V.S. Boys, aka Definite Vacation For Suckas Include RaBiez, and Sire Sinsai (deceased). The duo has been known to collaborate with other Chicago hip-hop champions including T.S.P. aka the Three Stripe Posse, the Chicago Outfitters and more. The D.V.S. musical influences include Common and NoID, just to name a few. Their new album “The Great Chicago Fire Remastered” is a culmination of D.V.S. music with featured artist. The project comes from songs recorded through the mid to late 90’s, by Verbally Diseased Music, Inc. The album was digitally remastered and is now being released on Vinyl, by Chopped Herring Records.

Songs like “Blowing Up The Spot” provide an experimental element as RaBiez uses an unorthodox approach to catching a tricky beat; while the same track without the lyrics, doubles as a Jazzy hip-hop instrumental at the end of the album. The song “Rhymes Fabulous Advocates” stick to a more traditional hip-hop approach; with a nice track laced with fabulous flows. “1 Shot, 2 Shots” portrays the raw basement sound and a skillful lyrical flow delivered by Sire Sinsai; though the words are witty, the title of the song can’t help but remind us of how the group member was murdered in the late 90’s. “When Chicago Bust” provides lyrics by RaBiez such as “Thoughts collect more than pennies, from what I have within me… I’m simply marvelous, why try to spar with us” to lyrics from the third verse of the same song, spit by P-dub “I walk the ghetto streets not the yellow brick road, my zip code is full of killas stuck in pimp mode…” The contrast of the delivery and lyrical content of each artist on the song (Dirt Bomb, RaBiez, P-dub, and Sire Sinsai) perfectly displays how their music merges the north side’s creative hip-hop feel with the street edge of Chicago’s south side.

With the new release of “The Great Chicago Fire Remastered” D.V.S. was given the opportunity to revitalize the 90’s hip-hop soundtrack that so many underground heads crave. There is an underground buzz of new life, a resurrection of the Definite Vacation For Suckas. On January 1, 2016, “The Great Chicago Fire Remastered” was rereleased on Vinyl by Chopped Herring Records. The record is available now, on sale through the record label’s official website When Sire Sinsai was violently killed by gun violence in the streets of Chicago, it was difficult for RaBiez to go on. This project is a digitally remastered legacy of what Sire Sinsai, Rabiez, Khalif Ali, Verbally Diseased Music, T.S.P. and all of the collaborators of this project have created together. RaBiez, the sole survivor of D.V.S. is still making strides towards success in music.


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