Wale Headlines at African Festival of The Arts, in Chicago

On September 17, 2019, in Red Hot Radio, by Wide View Publishing


Wale, American-Nigerian Rapper wow’s audience in the rain, at the 30th Annual African Festival of the Arts.

Wale, was the headliner on the Main Stage at the African Festival of the Arts this past Labor Day weekend 2019. He introduced himself as “Olubowale Akintimehin from the understate of the Yoruba tribe,” before taking role-call on the various African people present at the show. Wale and his team gave the audience an amazing show.

Wale performed with such wit and comedic conversations with the audience that his conversation was just as entertaining as his musical performance. He even joked about people eating fufu with a spoon instead of the traditional way of eating pounded yams with your hand. Rumor has it that Wale performed so well that Oshun and Yemanya stopped the rains with him on stage because they were so pleased with his talent. Okay, I made that up but his show was amazing.

Wale was the perfect MC. He is a true master of ceremonies. In addition to rapping, dancing and trying not to slip and fall on the wet stage, he played with the audience, performed a cappella and let the audience sing-along throughout the concert. He was energetic, cocky and culturally accurate. Everyone loved him.

Wale shared information on his upcoming new album, and the song entitled Yoruba, that his record label does not want to release. Wale tells the audience that if they bother a particular person about it, the song could make the album. Follow him on Twitter.

Wale introduced the Everything Is Fine tour starting in late September. He told Chicagoans to get their tickets to the show and to wear or bring something to the show that represents Nigeria. He wants to see that Nigerian merchandise to let him know that you are together with him.

He also debuted the new song entitled Love and Loyalty. I am looking forward to watching the video to that song. It has an afro-beat sound that reflects his Nigerian roots. Even though Wale grew up in Washington, DC he was truly at home on stage at the 30th Annual African Festival of the Arts.

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